Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Champions

WE WON!!!!!!!
What an incredible game!  We were on pins and needles the whole time, but we loved watching a defensive game.  We had quite the spread of tailgate food and some of our wonderful friends, Shane and Chelsey, came over to watch the game with us.  They were great sports and you couldn't tell that they weren't Auburn fans.  After the game we made our way to the Auburn bar, Bar 515, and did our part to roll the tree outside.  Enjoy our pictures!

P.S.  I can't figure out why the pictures are fuzzy in the slideshow, but I you get the picture....


emmalinegsmith@gmail.com said...

The link isn't working to view pictures, deary. Try again. I'm dying to see this!!!!

emmalinegsmith@gmail.com said...

Yay! That is hilarious! Looks like y'all were living it up! Thanks for sharing.