Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One night in May of my junior year of high school, my best friend Katie and I were at the soccer fields.  We were hanging out and talking with friends when this precious little tan puppy came running up to us.  We oohed and ahhed over her and then realized that she belonged to our friend James.  His dog Sport just had a litter of puppies, and he was bringing this little girl to the fields in an effort to find her an owner.  Well his plan worked.  Before the night was over, Katie and I had the sweet little puppy in the car with us, and we were on our way to Bruno's to find some food. (it is important to note here that Katie and I had been trying to convince my parents to let me get a dog for a good six months and they were not caving)  So we leave Bruno's with several things of canned dog food (which in of itself shows that I don't know anything about puppies), and Katie drops us off at my house.  At this point, my mom is asleep and my dad is out of town, so I put the precious little puppy on the screened in porch and leave a note for my mom on the back door.  I had a rather sleepless night, worried about what my mom was going to say; I was a goodie two shoes and going against my parents was not usually in my nature.  But I knew if they only saw this precious little puppy they would fall in love too.  So I wake up on Sunday morning and my mom has not seen the note or the puppy.  So I break the news to her and she immediately goes out to this little bundle of love.  And as predicted, she falls in love!  She says that I can keep her as long as Dad said it was okay.  I knew then that we were home free because if Mom said yes, Dad would too!

Allie was the best puppy.  She let me hold her and snuggle with her (at least when she was really little) and she was there to lick away the tears when my first real boyfriend broke up with me.  When I left for college, she became more of Mom and Dad's dog, but she always remembered who brought her home!  She was always good to bring a smile to my face and loved being chased more than any dog I have ever seen.  She lived 11 wonderful years, but today she went home to doggy heaven.  I am so glad that she gets to run and play like she used to and that she doesn't have to be blind anymore.  She was a wonderful dog and will be missed, but I know she is much happier running on the streets of gold.  Because as we know, all dogs go to heaven! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Essentials

There are two items that are getting me through this crazy winter we are having.  I had a very wise friend (thanks LeeAnne!) tell me back in October that I needed two things to survive the winter up here, and boy was she right!  I am completely covered for any type of weather: rain, snow, ice, slush or wind.  I feel quite invincible when I put on my puffy coat and Hunter boots.  I mean seriously, I can walk through anything.  I don't have to be that person sidestepping the puddles; I just plow right through them!  And with a 55 lb. dog that likes the snow, I am glad that one of us has tall boots to conquer the knee high snow build up.  Also, don't even get me started on how the jacket insulates me from all cold.  It is quite amazing that I can walk around in 10 degree wind chill and not even feel cold because my jacket and the attached hood work like magic!  

Hope you have a great weekend and are somewhere warmer than NYC!  I have a craft project up my sleeve, so be on the lookout for a tutorial next week.

**Pictures from Brooklyn Industries and Hunter Boots.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When Sarah was in town a couple of weeks ago, I took her the few short blocks from our house to the waterfront.  She got to see one of the main reasons I love living in Brooklyn versus Manhattan, the skyline.  I only have to walk five blocks to get one of the best views in the world.  Sarah lives in Boston and loves a big city at least as much, if not more than me, and when we walked upon the view she expressed my feelings to a T.  She said that some people think that you can't beat a mountain or ocean view, but that one of the most beautiful views to her is a city skyline.  I couldn't agree more.  There is something beautiful, energizing and exciting about seeing the buildings rising to varying heights and standing solid right next to each other.  I find a cityscape mesmerizing.  

I remember the first time I drove through Atlanta after moving away from the big city to Charlottesville.  It was night, and Mitch was driving.  We hit 75/85 South right when it curves around downtown, and I was like a kid in a candy store.  By the time we were through downtown, I had turned around in my seat to soak in the view as long as I could.  There is just something amazing about the twinkling lights of the buildings against the dark sky.  I don't know how this girl from Dothan, Alabama became a city girl, but she did!

Saturday mornings are family walk time.  We usually get up and take Bo for a long walk or to the dog park and then swing by our favorite pastry shop for a coffee and a croissant.  We decided to head down to the pier this past Saturday, and I took a few pictures so you can see the view and all of the snow!

Does anyone else get excited by cityscapes as much as Sarah and I?