Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Union Square

Union Square is one of my favorite places in New York.  It is only three subway stops away from my house and has so much to offer!  It has a lovely park and farmers market, but I would be lying if I said that was my main draw.  It also has great shopping and food!  The surrounding blocks have almost all of the stores that I like to frequent: H&M, Anthropologie, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, LOFT, and DSW.  Not to mention these fabulous home and/or craft stores: ABC Carpet and Home, Fishs Eddy, and Paper Presentation.  And finally two great places to eat: Grey Dog Coffee and Pipa.  Grey Dog is usually packed and a little pricey, but the food is delicious and it is a great place to grab lunch.  Pipa is in the ABC Home building and is a fabulous tapas place.  It has beautiful chandeliers hanging all over the restaurant (you can see it from our girls weekend here) and it is such a fun place to go for an evening out on the town.  And do yourself a favor and order the sangria; it is delightful!

If you come in from out of town; I would say this is a must see area.  And I would be more than happy to be your tour guide! :)

Mitch and I are headed to Charlottesville tomorrow night for a long weekend, and we could not be more excited!  We are looking forward to a weekend of friends, fellowship and food!  I will post all of the happenings next week!

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ben+alex said...

thanks for the tip!
we are currently planning a trip to the east coast and we will definitely be going to new york. i can't wait to see this place:)

love your blog by the way. i just found it and will be following you!

Amanda said...

So glad to have you on board! If you need anymore tips for your trip to The Big Apple, I would love to pass some along!