Saturday, October 16, 2010


Before we moved on to post about our new home in Brooklyn, we wanted to pay tribute to the place that was our home for the past two-three years and that has stolen our hearts.  Charlottesville is an extremely unique place that functions like a small college town, but has a lot of the perks of a larger city.  You can do anything from apple picking to watching polo at a vineyard to rocking with The Boss to eating some of the best Japanese fusion tapas you could ever imagine.  We found a church that we loved and made lifelong friends there.  People say that the place you start your marriage/life together will always hold a special place in your heart, and Charlottesville filled up more of a space than we could have ever imagined.  Below are some pictures of our friends and time there. 

Our first Christmas

Our home in Crozet

Some of our sweet friends and small group

Our favorite thing to do on a pretty day was to hang out at the local vineyards.

Our first anniversary in DC

Our second anniversary at Blue Ridge Mountain Inn, our favorite B&B right outside of Charlottesville.

The Blizzard

Libel Show at the law school (it is a production that Mitch was in all three years)

This was taken in Lexington, VA when the whole family came up to visit for graduation....she loves her aunt!

The GRADUATE!!!!!!!

We have so many more pictures and things we want to say about Charlottesville, so there will definitely be another post.

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Well I'm happy the blog that is now growing in Brooklyn has not forgotten her roots! :) Great pics and great memories. Thanks for sharing! Charlottesville misses you.