Monday, December 6, 2010

A Mouse and Wonderful Friends

What do these two things have in common you weekend!  I shipped Mitch off to Atlanta to cheer on the Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!) while I hosted three of my closest friends from Charlottesville.  We had the most amazing girls weekends.  We shopped, ate a lot, laughed even more and encouraged one another.  It was so much fun to show them our new home and our new neighborhood.  They enlightened me to the world of ABC Home and we visited an old favorite that my best friend Katie introduced me to last summer.  We enjoyed wonderful desserts to celebrate Emmaline's birthday on Friday night and on Saturday night we saw one of my favorite Broadway shows.  They had a late flight out last night, so we were able to spend the whole day in Williamsburg shopping, eating and drinking coffee.  They are wonderful friends that I will have for a lifetime.  

You might be wondering where the mouse comes into the equation.  Well on Friday afternoon before the girls got here, I was cleaning the apartment and noticed what I thought was a very large roach in my hallway.  I went to put on my shoes to kill said roach, but as I got closer, I realized that it had a tail.  It took a second for me to process the fact that I had a mouse in my house, but when I did, there was a LOT of freaking out.  I ran and grabbed my phone and called Mitch.  He tried to coach me on how to catch the mouse, but I was too terrified to get close to it.  I searched for my big girl panties for a good ten minutes before I headed down the hall, broom in hand.  I jabbed the broom under our shoe rack, behind the coat rack and into the umbrella and wouldn't you know, nothing happens.  I will repeat NOTHING happens!  Where did it go?  I did a quick check around the apartment and didn't see the mouse, so I carried on very cautiously with my cleaning...I did have company coming in three hours after all.  Friday night and Saturday came and went with no sign of the mouse and just as I started to let my guard down, he showed himself.  We got in from the show after midnight Saturday night and as I was changing into my pajamas, I saw him dart into our room from the living room.  I panicked, put on my boots and ran to the guest bedroom to tell the other girls.  I was about in tears because it was late, there was a mouse in my house, and all I wanted to do was sit down with the girls and eat a late night snack as planned.  As I tearfully broke the news to the girls, Christen comes to the rescue.  In her words, she "is clutch in these types of situations."  We spent around two hours trying to coax the little mouse out and almost got him several times, but he is about as fast as Speedy Gonzalez.  We admitted defeat around 2:30 and went to sleep.  We picked up a few of these while we were out yesterday, but the little mouse has not shown himself again.  I kind of knew this was going to happen at some point, but I didn't think it would be this soon!  Momma and Daddy, we will try to make sure little mousy is gone before you get here on Saturday!  

A few pictures from our fun weekend!  I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours!


Elizabeth Faulk said...

Oh! This reminds me of my mouse story from Atlanta. And I did the exact same thing - freaked out and called Grant! :)
Looks like y'all had a fabulous time.
Love it!

Anonymous said...

Dont have too much fun in NY or you will never make it back down south! Enjoy your time with your parents! Miss yall!
Amy Sharp said...

You trying to find your big girl panties made me laugh really hard. Christen did NOT need to look for hers... she came with them on! Such a fabulous weekend! Thanks, friend!