Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Page Wreath

Remember my girls weekend back in December?  Those three girls are all incredibly creative, and we all read this wonderful blog.  Emily at Jones Design Company is inspiring and gives great tutorials, so the four of us decided to all make her book page wreath.  It was a lot of fun for me to make, even though a few hiccups along the way made it take longer than I would have liked.  I had visions of putting this on our apartment door, but due to these hiccups, my wreath was a little too bouffant for NYC.  Unfortunately, it intruded into our neighbor's space. :)  So I found an alternative place for it, and I think it turned out rather nicely.  Below are a few pictures to document the process and finished product.  If you decide that you want to tackle this lovely wreath, I can send you my suggestions and pitfalls.


Allison and Ryan said...

I'd love some tips! This is so cute. I want to give it a try. You're so crafty!

Elena said...

I love that a law textbook was sacrificed for this project.

Amanda said...

Elena, it was Contracts to be exact. :) We kept most of Mitch's law books, but he said this one was out of date and it was going to goodwill anyway. I'm glad that now when I can't fall asleep at night, I can just look up and read about contract law. I will be sleeping like a baby in no time. :)

Allison, I will post the tips shortly!

Elizabeth Faulk said...

I love this. It is truly beautiful!

the southern hostess said...

It's adorable! I'm so impressed.

KT said...

This is so awesome!! I love it!

Harriet said...

I'm impressed to... Love it! Glad to know it was a boring out of date book, though. Could not imagine you tearing up a good book to make a wreath...even a pretty one.

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies; it was a lot of fun to make! My tips and suggestions are below.

1) Buy the 10 inch wreath form. The only size they had at the store was the 14 inch, and it made the process so much longer and made my wreath too big to fit on the front door. So unless you really want bouffant, go with the 10 inch form.

2) Use weathered book pages. I used one of Mitch's law school books that he didn't want to keep because the information in it is already out of date. I felt okay about tearing up the book because it was just going to goodwill otherwise, but I think the look would be enhanced with weathered pages versus the stark white. So go to a used book store and find a book that is falling apart and use that.

3) Use a normal sized book. The law book was on the larger size, and again, that added to the bouffantness.

4) Do not overlap the pages when you are gluing them on. I made the mistake of overlapping the ruffles for the first few layers, and as I realized, it decreased the poofiness of the ruffles. The lack of poofiness made me add another layer or two (I lost count) and in turn added probably about another hour onto the project. You can actually tell in the picture above that the lower layers are much more dense than the last layers.

5) When you get to the last layer, it helped me to cut the page length so that there was less bulk to glue down.

Hope that helps!