Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inaugural Voyage

Well, helloooooo everyone! For those that haven't guessed yet, this is my (Mitch) first post on the blog.

I thought it was appropriate that I start today in order to offer some closure on L'episode de la Souris. I was first introduced to Fievel while I was working last Friday. Amanda, as she previously mentioned, called in a bit of a panic. I tried to relay all of my mouse-catching expertise (read: put a bowl over it, slide a flat surface under it, and flip!), but it amounted to nothing. Fievel got away.

As fate would have it, Fievel showed up the day I left for Atlanta for the SEC Championship (more on that to come). Apparently, he showed up a few more times over the weekend, but despite Christen's best efforts, I returned to a mouseful house. In the meantime, the ladies put out a number of mousetraps.

Now. Last night, Bo got a little worked up over something in our room. We were sure he'd found Fievel. I went to investigate, but we couldn't find anything. When Bo lost interest, we started to wonder if he'd smelled Fievel at all.

Turns out, the dog is just lazy. He DID smell Fievel. He just lost interest. On a side note, if anyone is interested in a dog, we might have one available. How disappointing.

How do I know he found the mouse? Because I got another call at work today. The lever was flipped. One of the mousetraps was sprung, but Amanda wasn't going to check it. That was left to me when I got home. As the old saying goes: nothing says "Welcome back my love!" like a deceased rodent.

Sadly, the mouse trap does not shield the "caught" mouse from your vision. It just encloses him on two sides so you don't have to touch him. When I checked it, I saw Fievel. In case you were interested, he did not make it out West. He's in the trash can outside, and we are once again rodent free.

Just let this be a lesson: mousetraps do not "catch" mice. They kill them. Amanda was less upset about this news than I was. When she said she wanted him "gone," she did not mean "outside." Glad we had this talk. I'll post on a more interesting topic some other time.

PS. If you want to know why Amanda and I love Auburn so much, watch this and remember none of these people went to the game but still took the time to hit Toomer's:

War Eagle everyone!


Elizabeth Faulk said...

I love this video!

kmich said...

Outside always means in the trash. Didn't you know that, Mitch? "Your shoes stink, put them outside." etc.