Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding and Our Weekend

Did you watch the royal wedding on Friday?  I was not dedicated enough to get up in the wee hours of the morning, but I did watch it on delay as soon as I could get Bo to doggy daycare and pick up my breakfast.  I decided to bring out our china for the occasion; it seemed like there really wasn't any other way for me to have my bagel and coffee.  I loved watching all of the coverage and fell in love with Kate and her dress.  It was amazing!  And I loved that they just looked like two normal people in love and getting married....even though millions of people were watching.  I am not usually this into "celebrities," but I was glued in on Friday.

Mitch and I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend together.  It had been a pretty busy week, and it was nice to recharge.  Saturday night we went on a lovely dinner and a movie double date.  Natalie always knows the best restaurants, and this time she introduced us to some of the best BBQ we have had since moving up here.  The movie was really good, but had a plot twist at the end that kind of made you wonder whether you should like it at all.  Sunday we rented a Zipcar and headed out for the morning.  It was wonderful to stretch our wings and see that there is in fact green space outside of a park and that single family homes are still prevalent.  And Bo loves riding in a car, so it was nice to give him a treat that he had been missing for seven months.

Did anyone else watch the royal wedding?  What did you think?

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I made sure we had some Earl Grey on hand for the occasion too :) Wished we could have watched it together. I got WAY more in to it than I expected also. I think the effect was universal on women everywhere. So fun! Glad y'all had a fun, spring weekend!

KT said...

I didn't get to watch it, which you know was totally devastating for me!! I was able to grab a little bit of a rerun on Sunday night but not enough for my liking. BUT ps, I love LOVE that you busted out china to watch it- makes me wish I had been there with you (and with Earl Grey, of course). Much love!

Amanda said...

Em, I so wish we could have watched it together. It would have been nice to talk about it as it was going on. Instead I made Mitch watch the arrival and ceremony with me when he got home from work. :)

KT, do you remember when we had such a huge crush on Prince William (as did every other girl our age)? And if I remember correctly, you crushed way harder than I did! :) I have it recorded, so when you come up to visit we can watch it together!

the southern hostess said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for the link. Ugh, that movie was stuck in my head the rest of the weekend. I just don't know.