Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Essentials

There are two items that are getting me through this crazy winter we are having.  I had a very wise friend (thanks LeeAnne!) tell me back in October that I needed two things to survive the winter up here, and boy was she right!  I am completely covered for any type of weather: rain, snow, ice, slush or wind.  I feel quite invincible when I put on my puffy coat and Hunter boots.  I mean seriously, I can walk through anything.  I don't have to be that person sidestepping the puddles; I just plow right through them!  And with a 55 lb. dog that likes the snow, I am glad that one of us has tall boots to conquer the knee high snow build up.  Also, don't even get me started on how the jacket insulates me from all cold.  It is quite amazing that I can walk around in 10 degree wind chill and not even feel cold because my jacket and the attached hood work like magic!  

Hope you have a great weekend and are somewhere warmer than NYC!  I have a craft project up my sleeve, so be on the lookout for a tutorial next week.

**Pictures from Brooklyn Industries and Hunter Boots.


Michelle in Manhattan said...

I completely agree!! I just wrote on my blog about this!! haha! I still need to get the Hunter fleece lined socks- then the outfit will be complete

Amanda said...

Michelle, I still need the fleece lined socks too! I thought that I could just wear my wool socks and be okay, but I underestimated how cold that rubber gets when it is covered in snow.

Karamella said...

I am now going to stalk... I mean follow ;) your blog cousin-in-law! I didn't know y'all had one until I read Crystal's post. Love love love the city and I am a bit envious ;) I always tell Chris that I would have spent a few years in NYC if I hadn't married him! I hope we can come visit while y'all live there!