Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Past Two Months

I have been such a blogging slacker these past two months!  So much has happened, so in lieu of trying to type it all out, I am including a ton of pictures.

We are less than two weeks away from Maybelle's due date, and we cannot wait for her to get here!  We will keep you posted on her arrival!

Sugar Plums from our CSA
Our Brooklyn Shower

 Cake Decorating Class with Natalie

Laurie Beth gets married!!!

 Funny belly shot
Hurricane Irene
Mitch's surprise baby shower at work

US thing checked off the bucket list
Nursery painting
Bo Carnell testing out the crib
 I think he is ready for Maybelle to get here, so we stop pestering him....


kyle said...

Love the belly shot and the old school auburn hat!!!

Love you!!

Elizabeth Faulk said...

Pictures are the best way to catch up! Love seeing what's been going on.

LB asked the other day, "Where is Maybelle?"

Not much longer!

Corrie said...

LOVE Bo in her crib :). Cutest belly ever by the way!

Amanda said...

Kyle, Mitch found the hat online and has loved it. Kinda funny because it is so old school and stands up like Grandaddy's used to, but it makes him fit in better with our hipster neighborhood. :)

Elizabeth, you can tell Laura that Maybelle will be here so soon! Cannot wait for them to play together!

Corrie, Bo was so distraught in the crib. We finally got him to lay down, but he looked so uncomfortable and his tail was wagging 90 to nothing. It was hilarious. said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing!

Dayle said...

love seeing your pictures amanda! and i love the bedding yall picked! where did you get it? i'm thinking about making some for addy - i can't find anything that i love/goes with the room. everything is really pink, and we thought we'd do a corally color instead of pink.
we set up our crib last night & put one of our dogs in it too! it was hilarious - she hated it :)
cant wait to see pics of may when she gets here soon!!!

Amanda said...

Dayle - My mom, mother-in-law and I made the bumper and bedskirt. We found the fabric at Hancock's Fabric. It ended up turning out just like I wanted.

Tracey said...

That Brooklyn baby shower was so pretty, it looked like a wedding.

It is November now, so I am sure little MJ has arrived. (Forgive me for giving he a nick name, but I can not remember from the pictures how you are spelling it.) I hope everything went well.

I have had a few babies, and I know how disorienting the first one can be, but I hope to hear news before Valentine's Day. :)