Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doughnut Heaven

I went this morning for my glucose challenge test.  I made my appointment in our next door neighborhood of Greenpoint.  Since I couldn't eat anything from about 9:00 last night, I was famished this morning!  So after I had my blood drawn, drank a sugary orange drink, waited an hour and had my blood drawn again, it was time to reward myself.  I had been wanting to try Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint for a while, so this was the day.  Man oh man, it was amazing!  For $2.00 I got an old fashioned glazed doughnut and a cup of coffee.  The doughnut was the perfect cake consistency with the perfect dip of glaze!  And the coffee was perfectly creamed and sugared.  I cannot wait to take Mitch there this weekend!

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the southern hostess said...

Do it up, girl! I suggest trying their red velvet doughnut this weekend.