Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Mitch has wanted to go skydiving since we met six years ago.  He has tried to go several times over the years, but every time the plans fell through.  But not this time around!  His officemate, Andrew, organized a group from work and they all headed out to Skydive Long Island on Sunday.  I went along for the ride, and it was not nearly as nerve racking as I expected.  He had a blast, and I am so glad that he finally got to go!  Below are some pictures that I and the photographer/videographer took. Note: I am not the one taking the pictures 13,500 feet in the air...just in case anyone was concerned.


Corrie said...

MITCHELL!!! That is scary.

the southern hostess said...

Wow! I could never. Very impressive.

Andrea said...

This is so awesome!